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Half Marathon Training & Tips

Like all half marathons, the primary focus of your training to properly prepare for this event should be on volume. You need to get out there and log miles. Because this course does have some rolling hills, it would benefit you to do some runs on hilly terrain and/or do some specific hill training. Here are the top five things to focus on when you are training for the Gettysburg Blue-Gray Half Marathon:

  • Interval Workouts: You can get by just fine in a half marathon doing just easy miles. However, most people find that doing some interval workouts breaks up their training to make it more interesting and also helps them improve their fitness more quickly. Interval workouts can be done anywhere, although they are often done on a track. They entail running faster for a short period of time (as little as 30 seconds or as long as 10 minutes) and then taking time to jog very slowly to recover and then repeating.
  • Hill Workouts: You should be running on hills so that you have the strength to run well on the rolling hills of this course. If you want to take it up a notch and really push yourself, do hill repeats where you warm up a bit and then run hard up a hill and jog down slowly to recover — repeating 6-12 times.
  • Tempo Runs: You should try to do several workouts where you run for 20-40 minutes in the middle of the run at 10 mile to 1/2 marathon race pace or faster.
  • Weekly Volume: At a minimum, you should be running three days per week. 4-5 runs per week is ideal for the average runners, and experienced runners will likely go 6+ times per week. Some people can get through a half marathon with as little as 14-16 miles at their peak training, although it behooves you to try to get it to at least 20 miles for your highest week.
  • The long run: At a minimum, you should get this up to 10 miles. Ideally, you should do a 12-14 mile long run so that you are confident you can handle the distance and can focus on seeing how fast you can cover the course. If you are an experienced runner and want to really push yourself, 15-18 miles for the long run would be recommended.

If you are interested in having a coach design an individualize training plan for you to make sure that you are as well prepared for your race as possible, please visit 2L Coaching Services. They even have a free trial where you can see if online coaching works well for you for a week with no commitment.

Tips provided by: 2L Coaching Services

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